Monday, April 26, 2010

Big on the Pig

We had an optional trip to the Piggly Wiggly grocery store for clients who thought there could not possibly be a real place called Piggly Wiggly. It was also a great place for picking up crab boil spices, pralined pecans, self rising corn meal and other southern cooking ingredients.

The Piggly Wiggly bags were popular and Shawn models a Piggly Wiggly tshirt. Specials at the store are called "pig alerts" and their slogan is "I'm Big on the Pig." Enough said.

we returned to reason by visiting Fort Frederica, a Civil War fort.

Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House

We were honored to dine at the famous Mrs. Wilkes, where President Obama dined only the month before.
Dinner consists of 24 separate dishes, all southern specialties.

The gand on the steps in front of the boarding house.


All our travelers are as glamorous as Marilyn.

Lunch at Lady & Sons

Wendy in the garden at the Juliet Gordon Low house.

Our favorite guide surrounded by her fans. I wish we could bottle her enthusium.

Beaufort & Penn Center

Penn Center is located on one of the sea islands and is a center of Gullah Culture. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and supporters met here to plan the march on Washington D.C. that culminated in his "I have a Dream" speech.

Our gang checking out one of Beaufort's charming boutiques.

Fried Green Tomatoes are a tasty Southern treat.

Charleston's Battery

If Charleston is genteel, and Broad street separates the "haves" from the "have mores", then the Battery is the ultimate in elegence. These photos show why Charleston's charm is so famous.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Charleston Harbor

Lou and Karen aren't sure about this breeze.

I love the homes on
Sullivan's Island. Charleston's beautiful suspension bridge.

The goober truck

We sampled regular, ham flavored and jalapeno pepper flavored boiled peanuts.

Liz made friends with Lex, the peanut dog. The peanuts are boiled for seven hours for a southern snack that tastes a little like the Japanese soy beans.

Middleton Place

The flowers were in full bloom and, as the sun was shining, there were several alligators sunning themselves on the riverbanks.

By afternoon our group was pooped. Good thing we had a relaxing bay cruise up next.

Plantations on the Ashley River

Drayton Hall is a wonderful plantation house from the 1700s.

Janine Whaley enjoyed the view from the second floor.
Shawn & John in fornt of the vibrant Azeleas.
Charleston's King Charles Inn has a wonderful location and $5 cocktails with fruit, cheese and crackers.


Our Charleston City tour by horse (or mule) carriage.

The flowers were in full bloom. Charleston's historic district is always spectacular.

To get to Charleston we had to say goodbye to Jekyll Island and our wonderful hotel.

St. Simon Island

We spent the day on St. Simon Island, visiting Christ Church, where John Welsey preached.

Edie Jones & the gang were at the bar at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel before our dinner in the Federal Reserve Room.

Charleston & Savannah Days 1 & 2

We stayed two nights at the lovely Jekyll Island Club Hotel, the former winter vacation home to Vanderbilt's. J.P. Morgan, Rockefeller's, and other movers and shakers. It was just fine for us as well.
The azeleas were in full bloom and the Spanish Moss couldn't have been more beautiful.

The cannons at Fort Frederika were to repel the Spanish, but some of our gals are standing guard now.

The Pain In My Baggage

Clearing Up Complications About The New Luggage Policies and Fees

One of the most irritating recent airline developments is BAGGAGE FEES.
We frequently fly with United Airlines who charges
$25 for the first checked bag (per flight) and
$35 for the second checked bag (per flight)
AND if you do not check your bag in online before hand they charge an additional $5 at the service counter at the airport. Advice: Always check in online. You avoid waiting in line which means you don't have to arrive at the airport as early.
Overweight Warning: The maximum weight of your checked bag is 50 lbs. If you can't pick up your own's probably too heavy. If it is absolutely necessary to carry more than 50 lbs of checked luggage, be aware that overweight luggage is $175 for first overweight bag. So, it's actually cheaper just to pay for two separate bags.
Exceptions for Baggage Fees
1. Southwest Airlines does not impose baggage fees for now (I won't be surprised if they do start charging in the future)
2. International Flights: there is no charge for the first checked suitcase.

Maximize Your Carry On

I'm sure you are all aware that your carry-on must be small enough to fit under the seat in front of you or in the overhead compartment. To be specific, the maximum size is 9in by 14in by 22in. But hey! It doesn't matter how heavy your carry-on is, so take advantage. Put all your heaviest items in your carry-on. (except your liquids must be less than the 3oz max in a plastic quart-sized bag).
You are also allowed a personal item along with your carry-on. Your personal item would be a purse or small backpack.
What's not counted as a personal item? Canes, walkers and outer garments such as jackets. This is good news! This means you can take a small rolling suitcase as your carry-on, a backpack as your personal item, a jacket and a cane....all for NO CHARGE.
If there is no room for your carry-on when you get into the plane...that's okay. They will put it down below with the checked luggage at no cost.
Hope this helps for your next trip. The next blog will be about packing light!